Tired of your bank?

You can switch.

You’re not corporate.
You’re not stuffy.
You’re not cookie cutter.

Why bank somewhere that is?

Why do people like banking with Pillar?

“Super friendly, helpful professional – all that and more. But really? It’s a feel-good thing.” – Shawne

You’re working toward something, right?

Could be a new car or a bigger place. Or maybe you want to build up an emergency fund so you don’t have a panic attack whenever the check engine light comes on. Whatever you’re working toward, you can save a lot of time (and lose a lot of stress) by getting there with Pillar.

We help hard-working people like you achieve their financial goals, faster. And we do it with products built around people instead of profit. Here are just a few examples:


Want a no-frills checking account? We’ve got that. Want perks like cell phone protection, nationwide
discounts, and high interest?
We’ve got that, too.


We took it to the next level with our Driver’s Choice loan for new and used cars*. Lower payments and options at the end put you in control.


Your money can do more here.
Certificates for building it up
over time or money markets when you want to keep it available while it grows.

What People Like You Are Saying

"I rest easy knowing my money's taken care of."

“Everyone is so helpful and friendly. I’ve been with them for 14 years and never had any issues. We do many of our loans through them as well. Great experience and I rest easy knowing my money is taken care of.” – Sarah

"Excellent service, WOW!"

“Excellent service, WOW! The entire staff has been so friendly and so helpful while getting me approved for a no fuss loan! I became a member very easily and am SO glad I did! I will highly recommend this business to everyone for its phenomenal customer service and excellent, prompt work on meeting financial needs of the client! Amazing!” – Kami

"I really appreciate their hard work..."
“As a small business owner, the staff being so proactive and helpful really has been amazing during the Coronavirus epidemic. I really appreciate their hard work, helpfulness, and the great conversations I have had. It is truly appreciated..” – Nathan

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